The SHUMBA Effect

Shumba Football Development impacts the children and the communities in the following manner:
• Poverty alleviation
• Many of the boys will be able to choose football as a professional career
• Reduction in crime
• The boys are kept busy training and therefore there are no idle hands
• Equal playing field for disadvantage children
• The schools in the communities cannot afford the boys an opportunity train towards a career in football. Boys are always exposed to local and international football scouts
• Instill a a sense of hope and pride
• Hard-working boys know that they stand a chance at a life-changing opportunity as a football player.

Benefits of Partnering with SHUMBA

• Marketing
• Goodwill
• Brand Awareness
• Corporate Citizenship
• Corporate, Social Responsibility

The SHUMBA Challenge

Before considering to sponsor our boys, we challenge you to spend a day with the Shumba boys to see for yourself the impact that Shumba development Club has had on the boys, their families and respective communities.


100% of our players come from extreme poverty (the names of these boys are available on request for verification to sponsors and not for humiliation). We know the individual needs and circumstances of each of our boys because we visit their homes individually so that we understand their individual needs.

• The food provided on game days is the only real meal they get for the week
• As SL foundation we take care of all medical needs of the boys when injured and sometimes when generally sick as long as the resources permit
• Some kids come to the club to escape severe abuse
• Some boys travel from Soshanguve using public transport
• Some boys run for more than 10km to get to practice due to not having money to come to training

Key Areas:

• Soccer Kits – 4 Kits (2 away U17 and U19) and (2 home U17 and U19)
• Soccer balls- 10 match balls, 50 training balls
• Training Kits
• Securing Sponsorship for 80 kids for food packs (at least lunch, dinner and fruit packs)
• Supply of tracksuits and soccer boots
• School fees
• Nutritional Food products
• Accommodation
• Education
• Development
• Medical care

Targeted Disadvantaged Communities:

• Olivenhoudt
• Alexandra
• Diepsloot
• Tembisa
• Cosmo City


SFD currently uses existing taxis drivers in the targeted disadvantaged communities to mobilise kids to Leeuwkop 4 times a week. Transport cost, Feeding, Education & Facilitation cost remains our priority and financial assistance would be appreciated in this sector of sponsorship.

Accommodation and Food / Nutrition

We have received requests from the parents to find reasonable accommodation for the boys as it becomes a problem for transport especially in winter. It is for these reasons that we approached Sandtonview High school in Grayston to utilise the boarding facilities as this will ensure that the kids get an education and still are able to be in a supervised environment to do their school work and train for soccer after school, however we are still waiting for a response from the schools governing body.

This will also create jobs for some of our parents as mostly are unemployed and it would also assist us if they were helping in looking after their kids.

The plan is to house some of the boys especially the ones coming from communities that are far and transport them to and from school and hopefully in the long run we can have them go to one school. This will assist in making sure that they are educated and at the same time get to train and make a career out of football in a controlled environment.

All the boys have to go to school, that is the minimum requirement before they are allowed to try out for the team and they have to maintain the minimum passing rate. Players can only be registered during the leagues transfer period.

Every weekend when the boys play we make sure that they have food and a fruit as some this is a meal they look forward to. We have requested the Department of Social Development to assist us with food packs as some of the boys need those for home. We also require nutritional products for the boys to build muscles as they easily get pushed off the ball due to the fact that they are not strong enough.


The team requires a minimum of 6 kits- 3 away for U13,U17 and U20 and 3 home Kits. We require tracksuits as well and together with training kit. We also require winter jackets and soccer boots. (A breakdown and numbers is available on request)


Education remains a key element these days and we require all of our players to be educated, be disciplined so that they can have bright futures. All our players come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and most of them are the ones that have to study so that they take their parents out of the poverty situation. All players are expected to perform on and off the field and we try to counsel them and show them the value of education. Non performance at school results in a player being benched till the academic performance is acceptable and we keep in touch with the parents and in some the schools and we try to assist where we can with subjects they battling with. In this area we need companies to help us by giving players an opportunity for tutoring so that they improve in their studies. SHUMBA only accepts players who are at school.

Media Services

The team requires a professional camera so that all the games are captured, player profiles are done and youtube inserts are done so that our players can be able to be scouted by overseas teams and we can also market them through those. We have an agreement with Irvision Photogaphy however they have no equipment and to hire a camera a day is ZAR2000.

The equipment required is as follows:
Camera model: Canon 5D Mark II
Lense: Standard lense 24-104
Cards: Sandisk 32G x 2

The price range for the above can differ depending on where you buy it from. This set is a camera with card to store footage. This would go to about ZAR38 000. The rest of the needed stuff can be bought at a later stage even though it's necessary, like the long lense which retails at around ZAR8 000 to ZAR11000, tripod R7000.00 and so forth. We have an option of purchasing a second hand camera which would cost far lesser than a new one.

Banking Details

Please note that the above are costs associated with running the foundation and providing the boys with much needed alternatives to drugs and crime.
Thank you for taking the time to read through and we urge you to contact us should you require additional information. The banking details for the foundation are:

Account Name: Shumba Football Development
Account Number: 62548448978
Branch Code: 255001
Bank: First National Bank